Yoku’s Island Express is on sale for $10 on PC, $14.99 on PS4 and Switch

If you’re looking for an indie title to play on PC, Nintendo Switch or PS4, you may want to check out Yoku’s Island Express. It’s a strange yet charming Metroidvania-style adventure game with light platforming.

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Right now the PC version is on sale for $10 at the Humble Store. The console version of Yoku’s Island Express on Nintendo Switch and PS4 in on sale for $14.99 at Amazon.

Click here for the PC product page at Humble Store.
Click here for the Nintendo Switch product page at Amazon.
Click here for the PS4 product page at Amazon.

The game is receiving positive reviews from critics. It currently averages an 83 out of 100 on Metacritic.

Our sister site, Game Freaks 365, gave the game an 8.5 out of 10. “If you’re looking for fun, cute, and different, Yoku’s Island Express should be on your radar,” Kyle wrote on Game Freaks 365 back in May 2018.

We have the game’s trailer below:

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