Save on Razer Blade gaming laptops on eBay

Looking for a gaming laptop? Razer Blade gaming laptops are on sale on eBay! These particular eBay listings are all for manufacturer certified refurbished laptops. Razer is selling them directly to consumers through eBay. As an example, one of the listings has the Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop (2019) – FHD RTX 2070 for $1,434.99. … Read more

ASUS Gaming Desktop with Ryzen 7 and GeForce GTX for $979.99

PC gaming these days can be done on the cheap, but if you’re looking to play with the most cutting-edge graphics or VR, you probably want something a bit pricier. While we would recommend building your own rig, there are some good pre-built out-of-the-box desktops on the market. The ASUS G11DF mid-tower gaming desktop comes … Read more