Sonic Forces is on sale for $15 on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Right now you can get Sega’s Sonic Forces on sale for $15 on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The PS4 version is $18.49.

Sonic Team developed Sonic Forces and released it back in 2017. It received mixed to negative reviews from critics, although hardcore Sonic fans might still want it for their collection. Anyone else should probably consider getting Sonic Mania for $15 instead.

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In her review of the game, Heidi Kemps of IGN writes:

On top of the joy of creating and playing as your own character, there’s a lot of goofy charm that makes Sonic Forces hard to be too disappointed with. The graphics are colorful and engaging, and the music is a pumping backdrop for extreme team-ups, super-speed cinematics, and lots of ruminations on the power of friendship. There are some really fun levels in the mix, too, and surprisingly strong boss fights make for some unexpected highlights. But Sonic Forces doesn’t build on its handful of good ideas as much as it should, and it screeches to a halt just as it seems to hit its stride.

Check out the trailer for the game below:

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