Save on Godfall, Plague Tale (PS5), and more during Playasia’s Free Shipping November

Free Shipping November PlayAsia

Enjoy numerous game deals and free shipping on games, figures, merch, and more during Playasia’s Free Shipping November. We spotted deals on Godfall, A Plague Tale Innocence (PS5), Collection of Mana (Switch), and several other titles.

Playasia always surprises us with discounts and new ways to get your hands on games, toys, figures, and more. This year they have come up with Free Shipping November, a month full of promotions, new collectible toys and figures, and something very important, free shipping on all orders from $50 and up.

Being an online store where most of the items are sold in Asian countries, the shipping cost is often a crucial factor when buying figures, merchandising, and more. This month we will not only find a lot of offers available for figures and merchandising, but also many games have received important discounts, among which we can find:

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The Free Shipping November offer is active from November 1st until November 30th at 9 am PST. Also, the offer is only available for items weighing less than 1.43 pounds. If you want to get your hands on any Playasia product and take advantage of this Free Shipping November, you can access it from this link.

We’d also add that as always with Playasia, the games listed above may be from regions outside of the United States. Check the product page to see which region’s version of the game you are buying. Many consoles are region-free these days, but online features may require a region-specific account.