Save on Ghostwire Tokyo at Green Man Gaming

Ghostwire Tokyo

Pre-order the new Bethesda game and save some money in this limited-time offer.

Although months ago it may not have seemed like it, Bethesda has managed to catch the attention of many gamers with its new action-adventure game with touches of horror. We’re talking about Ghostwire Tokyo. Featuring a futuristic dystopian cyberpunk world in Tokyo, this new Bethesda game presents a very different gaming experience to what we are used to in the industry today.

Green Man Gaming is offering a 12% discount on either of the two versions of Ghostwire Tokyo: both the Standard and Deluxe Editions. Also, if you pre-order the game, you will get bonuses for pre-ordering the game ranging from a special costume to different outfits.

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The standard version of Ghostwire Tokyo is available from Green Man Gaming for $52.79. The Deluxe version retails for $70.39. If you want to get your hands on either PC version via Steam, don’t hesitate to visit Green Man Gaming’s website, which will expire in less than 24 hours.