Knights of San Francisco is a visionary text-driven RPG on sale for Halloween

Knights of San Francisco

A game that at first glance seemed too complicated to make an impact in this market full of action games has been a total success on mobile and is full of excellent reviews.

Raindead announced today that its hit text-driven RPG, Knights of San Francisco, will be joining the spooky festivities this October with a discount for both iOS and Android.

A hidden gem

For those who don’t know, Knights of San Francisco is the project that writer-programmer Filip Hracek and illustrator Alec Webb have been developing. Despite having a different dynamic than what we’re used to in this genre of game, Knights of San Francisco is more akin to tabletop role-playing games than traditional computer RPGs, eschewing numbers and graphics in favor of telling the player what’s going on in the same way that a Dungeon Master would.

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Since the game’s release in May, it has been purchased thousands of times in both stores and has generated hundreds of excellent reviews from both players and the press. Touted as a visionary game full of plot twists that make each game more exciting than the next, Raindead’s game is a hidden gem in the genre.

Knights of San Francisco will be on sale for Halloween on Android and iOS devices. The sale specifically runs between October 28 and November 1.