Kaze and the Wild Masks on sale for $19.99

Kaze and the Wild Masks on sale for $19.99

If you like retro-inspired platformers, you should check out Kaze and the Wild Masks.

Right now, Amazon has Kaze and the Wild Masks on sale for $19.99. That’s a $10 discount. The deal is for a physical copy of the game on the Nintendo Switch. It qualifies for free Amazon Prime shipping.

Here’s the game’s description:

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A true love letter to the greatest hits of the ’90s! Inspired by the greatest platformers of the 90s, Kaze and the Wild Masks takes players on a trip down memory lane. With simple and intuitive mechanics, difficult challenges, iconic bosses and the satisfyingly smooth platforming and speed of the game, players will experience that classic 90s platformer vibe which many love so dearly.

We also have a trailer for the game that you can watch below!