Kainga: Seeds of Civilization gets 20 percent off launch discount

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is an ancient village builder set in a fantasy world full of surprises.

Adaptation is key where weather events, massive beasts, or other tribes can easily erase you from history. Every time you play, your village’s culture, technology, and look will be different depending on your surroundings, environment, climate, altitude, and the resources available to you. Design a unique town with every play-through.

At the center of your town is your “Thinker”. This slow, weak, leader guides your clan, discovers new technology, and must be protected at all costs. The Thinker can discover technology at sources of inspiration, scattered around the map. Develop your town enough to be able to complete the Thinker’s challenge, then move on to a new one!

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This is a Strategy Roguelite: Death is permanent and a looming threat, but the lessons you learn, and the technology you discover and achievements you accomplish will allow you to get further on your next adventure.

You can buy the Steam version of the game for 20 percent off at Green Man Gaming.