Humble PC Building Simulator Bundle out now

PC Building Simulator Bundle

The Humble PC Building Simulator Bundle enables users to construct a virtual PC in a very straightforward manner, making it the perfect tool for learning how to build a PC. That’s why Humble Bundle has put together a new bundle that includes everything you’ll need to get started with PC Building Simulator including the base game, an expansion, and DLC.

Experienced PC builders and inexperienced hobbyists who want to learn more about PC building will be able to create, boot up, and benchmark the high-end computers of their dreams with their new PC Building Simulator Bundle.

This popular simulator allows you to select parts from well-known manufacturers, allowing for various configurations, which, when combined with the DLCs included in this bundle, allows you to increase the number of parts from various manufacturers and configurations to previously unimaginable levels.

The bundle contains the following items:

  • PC Building Simulator
  • PC Building Simulator – Overclocked Edition Content
  • PC Building Simulator – Razer Workshop
  • PC Building Simulator – Republic of Gamers Workshop
  • PC Building Simulator – Overclockers UK Workshop
  • PC Building Simulator – NZXT Workshop
  • PC Building Simulator – Esports Expansion
  • PC Building Simulator – AORUS Workshop
  • PC Building Simulator – Fractal Design Workshop
  • PC Building Simulator – EVGA Workshop

The Humble PC Building Simulator Bundle lets you choose which charity you want to support, such as the American Red Cross, Child’s Play, 4 Paws 1 Heart, and others. The total cost of the ten goods in this bundle is $79, but you can get it for $25 at Humble Bundle, which is over half off of the price when buying everything individually!

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