Humble Payday 2 Bundle out now

There’s a new Humble Bundle out today for Payday 2.

The Humble Payday 2 Bundle just launched today with 69 items including Payday 2 and DLC.

Here’s a description of the bundle:

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Round up a crew for the four-player co-op action-shooter phenomenon with the acclaimed base game. Keep the hits and contracts coming with a massive wave of additional heists, weapons, mods, outfits, and other add-on content from the game’s long, larcenous history. Crack open the ultimate PAYDAY 2 vault, and help support Cancerfonden and the charity of your choice!

Click here to check out the Humble Payday 2 Bundle!

The game and DLC is redeemed on Steam. A free Steam account is required to play the game. As always, a percentage of profits from the bundle go to charity.

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