Humble Jackbox Party Bundle: 10 party games for just $12

The Humble Jackbox Party Bundle is now live. It features party games like You Don’t Know Jack, Fibbage XL, The Jackbox Party Pack, and Drawful 2.

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As usual, you pay what you want. A percentage (or all of the proceeds, if you prefer) goes to charity. Pay at least a buck and you will receive Steam codes for:

  • Quiplash
  • Fibbage XL
  • You Don’t Know Jack Vol. 1 XL
  • You Don’t Know Jack Vol. 2

If you pay more than the average (currently $9.94), you’ll also receive Steam codes for:

  • The Jackbox Party Pack
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 2
  • You Don’t Know Jack Vol. 3
  • You Don’t Know Jack Vol. 4 The Ride

If you pay $12 or more, you’ll also receive Steam codes for:

  • The Jackbox Party Pack 3
  • Drawful 2
  • $2 Humble Wallet credit for Humble Monthly subscribers (subscribe here)

All of the games listed come with Steam codes. You choose how much goes to the publisher, Humble Bundle, and this month’s charity. As a Humble Partner, you can also support our operations here at Game Deals 365. It helps us keep the lights on (well, the servers, at least).

It’s also not too late to sign up for this month’s Humble Monthly. If you spend at least $1, you can get 10% off Humble Monthly (new subscribers only). This month’s games include Sniper Elite 4, Tales of Berseria, and Staxel, and access to the DRM-free Humble Trove. Humble Monthly includes new games every month. If you’re not impressed, you can just unsubscribe before the start of the next month.

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