Humble Best of Sandbox Bundle now live

Humble Best of Sandbox Bundle

Get creative, build, and have fun in these popular sandbox games and sims.

Humble has announced its new bundle that brings together seven popular sandbox and simulators. With every purchase of this bundle, you will be supporting the charity of your choice.

If you like to put a bunch of characters to fight each other, play god, or simply destroy the universe, the Humble Best of Sandbox Bundle is for you!

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Among the games available in the bundle are:

  • Universe Sandbox
  • Space Haven
  • Main Assembly
  • Besiege
  • Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • People Playground

With just a $15 contribution, you can take home all these titles. You also have options for just $1, $10, or above the average (currently $11.84) to take home some games in this new bundle.

The Humble Best of Sandbox Bundle is live for the next three weeks.