Get Xbox One X, Titanfall 2, Destiny 2, and two controllers for $440

If you’re either looking to upgrade to an Xbox One X or are just looking to buy your first Xbox One console, there’s a really good deal right now on Microsoft’s next-gen console.

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The Xbox One X, which is the beefed-up Xbox One that can run certain games in 4K, is normally $500. You can get it right now for just $440, along with over $100 worth of extras, including an extra Xbox One controller, Titanfall 2, and Destiny 2.

The deal is only available on eBay. It is being sold by Ant Online, which has nearly a quarter million customer reviews and a 98.5% positive seller rating. The deal also comes with free shipping and no tax. The price appears at checkout.

So basically, for $60 less than what Xbox One X goes for at retail stores, you get the system and roughly $100 worth of extra goodies. You probably won’t find a better Xbox One X bundle for a while.

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