Get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $27.99

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Play-Asia

Take advantage of this offer for less than $30 and you’ll get your hands on the extensive catalog that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has to offer.

Playasia is full of games, accessories, peripherals, consoles, and many more things from developers and video game companies in Asia, but lately we are seeing more and more products from Western companies in this online store. Today, Playasia brings us three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $27.99. That’s an incredible 38% discount.

Anyone who doesn’t know about Microsoft’s video game subscription service today is living under a rock. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the best and most complete version of Xbox Game Pass, you get all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus over 100 high-quality console and PC games for one low monthly price.

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Furthermore, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has just included Xbox Cloud Gaming in the same bundle, which is a service that allows you to play outstanding AAA console titles from your Smartphone, Tablet, PC, or TV without the need for a console nearby.

Xbox is regularly adding titles to the Xbox Game Pass catalog, not only from games already released for Xbox systems but also from several games released on the same day. Xbox Game Pass is without a doubt the greatest video game subscription service available today.

If you’ve never tried it or are thinking about purchasing another month’s membership, Play-Asia’s deal for three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at only $27.99 is hard to pass up.

It’s the perfect opportunity for you to invest and get tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of games available for unlimited play for 3 months. If you are interested, you can grab this great offer by clicking here.