Get the Humble Best of Polygon Bundle for cheap

The best of polygon bundle

Get the best Game Dev Assets of Polygon for a very low price.

When we are thinking about learning how to develop video games, assets are a complicated topic nowadays. Some developers opt for pre-made assets, but they can become very expensive.

Humble Bundle brings us a new bundle, where indie developers can get different Polygon assets and coupons. Paying at least $25, we will receive 17 items with a total value of $527! It’s part of the Humble Best of Polygon Game Dev Assets Bundle.

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We will receive a $10 coupon in the Synty Store, and 16 development packs where we can find the renowned Polygon Pirate pack, which won an Asset Store Award for Best Artistic Content in 2017. If you are interested in this amazing bundle for game developers, you can get the software bundle here.