Get Final Fantasy XV for $19 on Xbox One

You can nab a physical copy of Final Fantasy XV Day One Edition, the most recent game in the main Final Fantasy series, for just $19 on Amazon. And if you’re really into older Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy X X-2 HD Remaster is also currently on sale for $20.

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Final Fantasy XV received generally positive reviews from critics. It averages 81 out of 100 on OpenCritic.

Game features include:

  • Final Fantasy XV game and Masamune DLC Weapon
  • More action oriented instead of the traditional turn-based or active time battle system that Final Fantasy is known for
  • Characters can perform actions like double jumps according to player input and move with great speed
  • Open environment that player is free to explore and roam about via a car, an airship, or a famed Chocobo
  • Xbox One X Enhanced, 4K Ultra HD, HDR

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