Get a full year of Humble Choice for $99

Humble Choice

If you purchase a Humble Choice membership, a percentage will go to charitable causes.

Humble Bundle, one of the leading online video game stores that offer many options for you to play video games at a very affordable price, announced today that with the code HOLIDAY21 you can get a year of Humble Choice.

Humble Choice is Humble Bundle’s PC gaming subscription. Every month you choose from a curated list of over 10 great games to keep forever. What does this mean? Once you redeem a game during your subscription, you keep it forever!

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The offer announced today allows new players or those without an active membership to get 12 months of Humble Choice for just $99 using the code HOLIDAY21. As is Humble Bundle’s custom, 5% of all memberships will go to charity.

If you get a year subscription today, you’ll be getting 120 games over 12 months for only $99!