Buy Grand Theft Auto V for PS4, get a $15 Amazon account credit

Amazon has an exceptionally good deal right now where you can essentially get a free physical copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PS4. The game is on sale right now for $14.99, and Amazon is offering Twitch Prime users a $15 account credit with the purchase of GTA V. So while it’s technically an account credit and not an instant discount, it’s still basically a free game.

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The deal is only valid with the game that is being shipped and sold by Amazon, so be sure that you aren’t buying it from a third party seller on Amazon. Also, you have to be an Amazon Prime member (click here to try Amazon Prime free for 30 days) and a Twitch Prime member (which is also free to try for 30 days) in order to receive the promotional credit. This deal will likely not last long.

UPDATE: It looks like they’ve already run out of copies. :(

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