Get a bunch of DRM free indies with up to 90% discount on Humble

DRM free Humble

From Papers, Please to Hollow Knight at bargain prices!

Just 3 days before Christmas Humble brings you a great catalog of indie games DRM free in which you can get great indie titles with up to 90% discount.

Indie Games for cheap at Humble.

Indie games, years ago went from being simply games from independent studios, to create a separate genre where at first glance, most players can distinguish them from AAA games or classic franchises in the industry. Whether it is because of their careful plots and stories, for their art, or simply because of their shortness, indie games are increasingly attracting new audiences because of the large number of good games classified as indie, and because of their low prices.

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Humble has wanted once again, in a way, to make a small gift to its customers by offering a large catalog of these games at gift prices. Among the most outstanding games of the available catalog we can find:

  • Papers, Please: $4.99
  • Risk of Rain: $2.49
  • $19.99
  • Hollow Knight: $7.49
  • Outlast: $3.99
  • Hello Neighbor: $7.49
  • Game Dev Tycoon: $4.99
  • Rogue Legacy: $3.74
  • Gang Beasts: $8.99

If you want to get your hands on any of these games or want to explore the wide list of available titles, you can access the catalog of these discounts by clicking here.

Take a look of some of the trailer from the games mentioned before down below.