Get 10 VR games for cheap with the Fanatical Quest VR Bundle

Fanatical Quest VR Bundle

Fanatical has announced its first bundle centering around games for the Oculus Quest VR device. The Fanatical Quest VR Bundle brings you 10 radically different gaming experiences that have only one thing in common, all being in virtual reality.

Whether you’re new to the Quest VR or a seasoned VR player, the ten titles available in this bundle offer a varied selection of titles across a variety of genres, showcasing the depth and breadth of the Quest VR platform.

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We have games like Zombieland: Headshot Fever, a Zombie Shooter for VR, based on the popular Sony Pictures movie series where we will kill zombies in a very classic way but with the differentiating element of virtual reality. If you are not a fan of zombie or shooter games, perhaps the high-octane racing game, Death Lap, or the narrative experience of Ghost Giant, or one of the other seven games, will suit you much better.

With an overall value of $129.92, you can grab the Fanatical Quest VR Bundle for only $14.99, a perfect opportunity to try out new VR games at a low price. What are you waiting for?