GameStop’s Dreamcast Blast from the Past bundle comes with 3 games for under $80

Whether you owned Sega’s last home console or missed out on it, the Dreamcast is a system fondly remembered for its quirky collection of arcade-style games. GameStop is hoping that fans will want to relive the Dreamcast’s glory days with a Blast from the Past hardware bundle that packs the Dreamcast hardware with three games for $79.99. The bundle normally retails for $95.

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The games included in the bundle are three fan favorites and some of the top-rated games on the system: Crazy Taxi, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, and Jet Grind Radio. The bundle also includes a controller, AV cable, and power cable. You will have to buy a VMU memory card separately.

It’s a pretty good deal overall, considering that the Dreamcast console and controllers alone generally go for in the ballpark of $70-$80 on eBay. With this bundle, you basically get three games for free.

Click here to check out the Dreamcast bundle page at GameStop.

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