Game Deals: Gears 5 ($10), Dead Space ($2), The Last of Us Part II ($40), and more

The Last of Us Part II

Today we have some good bargain bin deals and a decent discount on The Last of Us Part II.

First up, we have Gears 5 on sale for $9.99 on Xbox One. This is for a digital download, not a physical copy of the game. Of course, if you have Xbox Game Pass, you’re all set with Gears 5. So keep that in mind!

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The next deal is for EA’s classic sci-fi horror game Dead Space – and yes, now that it’s 12 years old we’re going to call it a classic. You can grab a digital PC copy of Dead Space for just $1.99.

Amazon has deals on a couple of Ubisoft’s Xbox One games. You can grab Watch Dogs 2 for $10 and The Crew 2 for $12.50. These Xbox One deals are for digital downloads.

If you’re in the mood for a strange but totally enjoyable puzzle game meets dating sim, Catherine: Full Body is on sale for $36.89. This deal is for a physical, boxed copy on Nintendo Switch.

Last but certainly not least we have The Last of Us Part II on sale for $39.99. This deal is for a physical copy of the blockbuster PS4 action-adventure horror game. It’s eligible for free Amazon Prime shipping.

Watch trailers for some of the games below!