Fanatical’s Uprising Bundle includes 10 games for $5

Fanatical’s Uprising Bundle includes 10 games for $5. It is on sale for the next two weeks. The games featured in the bundle include stealth-action game Republique, indie action-adventure Lifeless Planet, indie puzzle-platformer Snake Pass, role-playing game Masquerada: Songs and Shadows, the dungeon-crawling first-person shooter Ziggurat, and more.

Here is a full list of the games included in the bundle:

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  • Asura: Vengeance Expansion
  • Fantasy Versus
  • Lifeless Planet
  • Masquerada: Songs and Shadows
  • Oriental Empires
  • Republique
  • Smoke and Sacrifice
  • Snake Pass
  • Tracks: The Train Set Game
  • Ziggurat

All of the games in the Uprising Bundle come with Steam codes. A free Steam account is required.

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