Fanatical Dollar Collections feature a bunch of game bundles for a buck

Fanatical Dollar Collections features a bunch of game bundles for a buck

The Fanatical Dollar Collections just launched today. The name says it all; these game collections are just a dollar!

Gaming on a budget? No problem. Fanatical just launched a bunch of new Dollar Collections. Some of the collections include multiple games. Others include the base game plus DLC.

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Here are just some of the collections that you will find:

The Walking Dead Season 1 & 2 Complete Pack includes the 400 Days DLC. Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle includes the base game plus 11 DLCs such as Apocalypse, Junta, and Megalopolis.

All of the games in these bundles are delivered via Steam. A free Steam account is required to redeem, download, and play the games.

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