Fallout 76’s free Wild Appalachia update is out now

Bethesda released the first round of free content for Fallout 76’s Wild Appalachia update today.

Wild Appalachia includes a series of new quests, game features, events, crafting systems, and gameplay balancing. One of the new quests will teach you how to brew and distill beverages that you can use to help (or hinder) you as you explore the Appalachian countryside.

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The company plans to release regular patches and updates over the coming months as they fully roll out the Wild Appalachia update. Coming next week on March 19 will be a new seasonal event, the Fasnacht Parade, which ends on March 26.

Bethesda is planning three major content updates this year. Wild Appalachia is just the first update. Nuclear Winter and Wastelanders are planned for a release in the summer and fall.

If you don’t already own Fallout 76 and are interested in getting it, Amazon has the game on sale for $29.70.

Check out the Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia update trailer below:

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