Does Swagbucks pay actual money?

You may have heard of Swagbucks. It’s a discount app and website that describes itself as a “loyalty and consumer rewards program” for doing everyday activities – think playing video games on your phone and shopping online. But does Swagbucks pay actual money?

First, let’s talk about what Swagbucks offers.

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What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a popular website for earning money and gift cards online. You can do this simply for playing mobile games like Dice Dreams and completing certain objectives. For many of the offers, you do not even need to buy anything to earn rewards.

Does Swagbucks pay actual money?

Yes, it pays out money in the form of prepaid credit cards and gift cards. However, there is no option for them to write you a check. So while you can get cash equivalents (i.e. prepaid credit cards), you cannot get cash.

Personally, I have earned over a thousand dollars just from playing games and buying products that I would buy online anyway. If you sign up for Swagbucks and download the Swag Button, you will earn cash back at participating online stores – everything from Amazon, Walmart, and eBay to up to 8% cash back at Home Depot.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t a catch. Swagbucks earns money from referral links and they pass a portion of that on to people who use the platform. That means earning rewards for stuff that you would normally do anyway!

Actually, it’s kind of similar to this site. Game Deals 365 uses affiliate links to help keep the lights on. In return for learning about great game deals, we may receive a small percentage of sales. It’s a win-win for readers and our writers.

How do you earn money playing games?

I’m glad you asked! First, you need to sign up for Swagbucks. Once you log in, hover over “Discover” and click “Games” on the website. If you are using the app, click “Discover” and then search for game offers. You can also earn rewards from the “Playtime Rewards” tab.

The games have various terms and conditions. For instance, you may need to reach a certain level within a certain number of days to earn rewards. You often need to be a new user as well. Read the fine print under “Learn More” and “Disclaimer” to see any conditions.

Here’s an example:

Overall, Swagbucks is a great rewards app and website. It is especially handy if you download the SwagButton to earn cashback when you visit online retailers.