Cris Tales for Nintendo Switch is on sale for just $14.99

Cris Tales

Right now you can get Cris Tales for Nintendo Switch on sale for just $14.99!

Cris Tales debuted in June 2021 as an ode to classic JRPGs. It incorporates innovative time manipulation mechanics. Less than six months since its release, this RPG is still very current within the genre and Amazon has it on offer with a 63% discount.

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JRPGs, despite not being at the crest of the wave in terms of popularity, continue to contribute their bit and their contribution of originality to the industry, which is why Cris Tales has drawn so much attention in the current genre of RPG. If you like indie games and turn-based RPGs with a very attractive graphic style, Cris Tales is definitely for you.

With an original price of $39.99, it was a bit expensive for many players at the time of its release, but almost a half year later, at only $14.99, it is a total bargain. If you want to get started with JRPGs or are a fan of the genre, you can grab this great offer here.

Watch the game trailer down below!