Amazon’s Nintendo Switch game storage case is on sale for $5

The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s first console/portable hybrid. While you can easily dock it and connect it to your television, a lot of people prefer to take the system on the go to a friend’s house or on the morning commute. The only issue with that is you may end up carrying either a number of game cases or cartridges that could easily get lost.

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If you’re tired of lugging around Nintendo Switch cases wherever you go, Amazon has a solution in the form of the Amazon Basics game storage case. This simple and cost-effective plastic case allows you to easily store and organize up to 24 Nintendo Switch game cards.

The Amazon Basics game storage case for Nintendo Switch normally retails for $8.99, but it is on sale right now for $5. Unfortunately, due to its low cost the game storage case is an add-on item, which means you will need to buy it with qualifying Amazon Prime orders over $25 in order to receive free shipping.

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