Sports Game Deals: NHL 22, FIFA 22, NBA 2K22, and more

It’s no secret that sports games lose their value rapidly. That’s at least in part due to the annual nature of their releases with new editions coming out for most popular sports every calendar year. With the NBA playoffs underway and the NHL playoffs right around the corner, today we highlight some of the best … Read more

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition is on sale for $9.99

Grab a physical copy of Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition for just $9.99! This deal is good for the physical PS4 version. However, the Xbox One version of the game is on sale for $15.70. So you’re still saving 61 percent off the suggested retail price. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions are eligible for … Read more

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok is 34% off for 24 hours

Get Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok for 34% off on PC. The expansion was recently released. Eivor must embrace his destiny as Odin, the Norse god of Battle and Wisdom. The dwarven kingdom of Svartalfheim is crumbling, and in the midst of the chaos, Odin’s beloved son Baldr has been taken prisoner by the indomitable fire … Read more

Chorus is on sale for $19.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Chrous is on sale for $19.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X. This deal is for a physical copy of the game on PlayStation 5. It is eligible for free Amazon Prime shipping. Chorus is a space combat game that was released in December 2021. Here’s a description of the game: Take control of Nara on … Read more

Switch Game Deals: Shin Megami Tensei V, Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, and more

Looking for new games to play on your Nintendo Switch? We have you covered! It has been a while since we brought you some Nintendo Switch. So let’s check in with the Big N and see what game deals are going on right now at Amazon. Keep in mind that all of these deals are … Read more